Chlorine Bath

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chlorine bath is done where your pool has a great amount of algae or when the algae that is found in your pool is black. The way that a chlorine bath is done is that it starts by removing all of the water in the pool completely. Then a coat is applied to the whole pool of a special mix with pure chlorine. This is designed to kill all the algae in your pool. Once the liquid chlorine has been applied to the pool correctly.

You will prevent excessive acid and chlorine washes for your pool if it receives adequate cleaning and maintenance. When your pool is filthy enough that the water has to be drained, acid and chlorine washes are pool facilities you’ll need. They are carried out in empty swimming pools.

To drain your pool, the most popular method is to use a chlorine wash. Green algae is most commonly encountered by pool owners during the summer months, but your pool’s water chemistry can cause algae to develop at any time of year in Nevada. A chlorine wash is only used to destroy bacteria in your pool; it disinfects everything and allows you to start over with new, clean water.

Stains on pool plaster can be treated with acid washes and chlorine baths to restore a clean, fresh appearance without resurfacing. Working with acid or chlorine can be dangerous, so it’s better to hire a specialist. Pinnacle Pools has a long history of removing all kinds of pool stains.


Service for Acid Washing


It is important to verify the levels of pool chemicals before applying them.

An acid wash is a form of abrasive cleaning that removes a thin layer of plaster, removing the stain and revealing “clean” plaster underneath. To know the best concentration of acid to use and how long to hold it on the pool’s surface, you’ll need training and experience. People are ecstatic to see the difference an acid wash creates in the pool’s appearance.


Operation of Chlorine Baths


A chlorine bath is a non-abrasive way to remove stains from a swimming pool, particularly when checking for proper levels. The plaster is not removed, and the stain is ‘bleached’ by the chlorine (with a heavy dose of scrubbing). Chlorine baths are useful for removing algae or stains.


The pool is drained and the interior is cleaned with liquid chlorine to rid it of algae, which is usually the product of a green pool. The majority of the algae in your pool will be killed by this combination.



An acid wash is also used during a chlorine bath to better preserve your pool filter.  For a Chlorine Bath for your plaster pool and to check your chlorine exposure, contact Pinnacle Pools of Las Vegas.