Complete Remodeling: Concrete, Pool Deck, Plaster, Tile, or Coping

Pinnacle Pools in Las Vegas is your go-to destination for top-tier swimming pool complete remodeling services, encompassing everything from concrete, pool deck, plaster, tile, to coping. With a reputation for excellence and quality, Pinnacle Pools is the trusted choice for transforming your pool into a luxurious and inviting oasis.

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Pinnacle Pools Commitment

Pinnacle Pools’ commitment to quality and expertise in repairing, replacing, and upgrading pool equipment makes them the top choice in Las Vegas for ensuring that your pool operates at its best. By entrusting your pool’s equipment to Pinnacle Pools, you’re not only enhancing your pool’s performance but also extending its lifespan and saving on operational costs. Enjoy a trouble-free and efficient pool experience with Pinnacle Pools’ professional services.

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Concrete is the backbone of any swimming pool, and Pinnacle Pools ensures that it is not only structurally sound but also visually appealing. Their team of experts repairs cracks, imperfections, and enhances the overall structural integrity, making your pool safer and more attractive.
The pool deck, an essential part of the pool area, is where Pinnacle Pools truly shines. They specialize in reviving and enhancing pool decks, turning them into stunning focal points that seamlessly blend with your outdoor space. Whether you prefer the modern look of concrete, the elegance of natural stone, or the decorative flair of pavers, Pinnacle Pools offers a wide range of materials and finishes to suit your style and preferences.

Pool Plaster

Pool plaster, vital for creating a smooth, watertight surface, is expertly applied by Pinnacle Pools to ensure durability and beauty. They offer an array of colors and textures to match your vision, making your pool not just functional but also a work of art.

Tile and Coping

Tile and coping details may seem like minor elements, but they play a significant role in the aesthetics and safety of your pool. Pinnacle Pools assists you in selecting the perfect tiles and coping materials that are both visually appealing and resilient, enhancing the overall beauty and safety of your pool.

Complete Remodel

For a complete swimming pool remodeling that combines quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, Pinnacle Pools in Las Vegas is your premier choice. Transform your pool into a stunning haven, adding value and aesthetic appeal to your property. With Pinnacle Pools, your dream of a revitalized and luxurious swimming pool becomes a reality.

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Additional Services


This includes filter cleaning as well. 


Living in a dry desert where our water is not the best quality, taking care of your tile is very important. We drain the old water and sand blast the tile to take away any chemical waste and harmful calcium. 

*$650 minimum.

*We recommend draining your pool every 3 years due to Las Vegas hard water. 


Includes breaking down filter system, cleaning filter cartridges, reassembly and lubrication of filter o-ring.


Living in a dry desert where our water is not the best quality, taking care of your tile is very important. We drain the old water, power wash the pool and removal of any debris.

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