Pool and Spa Fencing

Pinnacle Pool’s Pool and Spa Fencing Services offers premium solutions for securing and beautifying your pool or spa area. Our team of experts provides a range of stylish and durable fencing options that not only comply with safety regulations but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space. With a focus on precision and attention to detail, we guarantee a secure and visually appealing installation that exceeds your expectations.

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Pinnacle Pools Commitment

At Pinnacle Pool’s Pool and Spa Fencing Services, our commitment to our clients is to provide experienced professionals and a wide range of stylish and durable fencing options, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver the highest quality results. Our dedication to precision and attention to detail ensures that each installation meets safety regulations and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. With clear communication, timely completion, and a focus on creating a secure and visually stunning pool or spa area, we are here to transform your vision into reality.

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Fencing for Children Safety

Pinnacle Pool & Spa Fencing Services is dedicated to creating a safe environment for children around pools and spas. Our stylish and durable fencing options comply with safety regulations and prevent unauthorized access. With our expertise and commitment to exceptional service, we prioritize the safety of your children without compromising on style.

Pool Fencing

Pinnacle Pool & Spa is a trusted provider of pool fencing solutions that prioritize safety and aesthetics. With a wide selection of beautiful and durable fencing options, we adhere to safety regulations while enhancing the visual appeal of your pool area. From classic to modern designs, our skilled professionals deliver precise installations and exceptional service.

Installed to Fit Your Pool’s Shape

Protect-A-Child’s Pool Fence Durability

Protect-A-Child pool fences thrive in a pool environment. 


Don’t Become Hot

Built In Color

New I-Beam Pool Fence System

Imagine a pool fence system that surpasses all expectations – introducing our groundbreaking New I-Beam Pool Fence System. This game-changing innovation not only elevates pool safety but also adds a touch of modern elegance to your outdoor space. With its sleek and sturdy I-beam design, this system is not only incredibly durable but also easy to install. Rest assured, our New I-Beam Pool Fence System meets all safety standards, providing a secure barrier to keep children safe. Say goodbye to the headaches of traditional pool fencing and say hello to a new era of style and security.

Engineered for Excellence

We believe in engineering excellence, which is why we have harnessed the power of the I-Beam shape to create an incredibly strong support beam for our mesh pool fence. Experience the strength and reliability of our engineered excellence. Engineers have long recognized the I-Beam shape as one of the strongest designs, used in modern skyscrapers to create towering structures. We have taken this concept and applied it to our fence posts, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. With our specially engineered I-Beam fence posts, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool area is protected by a fence that is built to last.

Exceptionally Strong Post

You deserve nothing but the best, which is why our Exceptionally Strong Post is a game-changer in fence support. With 33 years of expertise in composite support posts, we proudly introduce our patent-pending curved I-beam design. Each individual post boasts an impressive strength of over 160 lbs at the standard 3′ height, surpassing all competing fences. While others may bend or break, our posts stay resolute, standing tall and strong. Crafted with the latest space-age UV-proof urethane resins, our posts are not only stiffer and stronger but also feature built-in colors that won’t chip, scratch, fade, or deteriorate. Trust in our Exceptionally Strong Posts to withstand the test of time, providing unwavering support and enhancing the beauty of your fence. Upgrade to the ultimate in strength and reliability for your peace of mind.

Modular Panels

Our game-changing Curved I Beam Fence Posts for Hassle-Free Mesh Panel Replacements. We are proud to offer a unique design that guarantees a perfect 100% capture of mesh to post, making it incredibly easy and affordable to replace panels. As trailblazers in the mesh fence industry, we are excited to bring you the very first of its kind innovation. Gone are the days of costly and time-consuming repairs. With our innovative curved I beam fence posts, maintaining your fence has never been easier.

All New Look

Say goodbye to unsightly screws and molding strips with our All New Look fence posts. Designed to offer a sleek and modern aesthetic, our posts enable the 100% capture of mesh, eliminating the need for additional attachments. Embrace a minimalistic border that not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides better strength. With our innovative design, better strength comes hand in hand with better looks. Upgrade your pool fence with our All New Look posts and enjoy a seamless and stylish appearance that will impress both guests and passersby.

Removable or Permanent

Flexibility is key, which is why our fencing offers the option to be either removable or 100% permanent, depending on your specific needs and code requirements. Removable installation is a breeze and can be done in just three easy steps. Simply unlatch the point-lock section latch on all sections, lift out each post, and roll up the fence as you go. The best part? It can be conveniently stored in a compact space, making it hassle-free when not in use. Choose the installation method that suits you and enjoy the convenience and versatility of our fencing solution.

Self Closing Gates

  • Four-sides strong frame and truss system
  • Magnetically Triggered gate latch by magna-latch
  • Key-Lockabe Latch
  • Tru-close Spring Loaded Hinges
  • Self-Closing
  • Modular Panel Design

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